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If you are interested in investing in your future through the purchase or sale of major residential or commercial property, you realize that the common real estate agency will attempt to impress you with its claimed knowledge of properties, the neighborhood, the schools and the lenders. Of course, the sophisticated investors among you realize that few of those agencies can actually offer the experience and expertise required in an acquisition or disposition of the caliber of properties of interest to you. GLOBAL EMPIRE PROPERTIES, INC. is one of the few brokerage firms that can.

GLOBAL EMPIRE focuses its business on the persons and properties which benefit from the level of sophistication and experience required to take advantage of truly unique opportunities in investment-grade real estate, whether the investment is in your home or your business. Headed by the Managing Partner of one of the most successful international real estate and construction law firms in the region (, GLOBAL EMPIRE possesses the entire spectrum of skill sets necessary to deliver world-class service to its clients.

GLOBAL EMPIRE is uniquely positioned to assist you in successfully navigating the myriad issues which arise in the course of a real estate transaction by combining real-world practicality with legal expertise in a manner that always keeps the clients’ ultimate goals paramount. Unlike other brokerage firms, GLOBAL EMPIRE works across professional competencies to protect its clients’ interests by successfully coordinating the multiple disciplines and skill sets necessary to close your deal!

Using its broad spectrum of experience and professional qualifications, GLOBAL EMPIRE leads its clients in real property purchases, sales, financings and commercial lease transactions, the regulatory compliance and entitlement issues that inevitably arise during the course of such transactions, and in resolving disputes that occasionally occur between the parties to those transactions. What other brokerage firm can boast having a managing broker who has not only handled the “everyday” transaction, but who has been involved in some of the most complex transactions imaginable?!

With GLOBAL EMPIRE PROPERTIES, you will receive the entire suite of services required to navigate the acquisition or sale of a significant residential or commercial property, delivered in a manner befitting your transaction, with every effort made to exceed your expectations. Contact us today and let us show you what true real estate representation looks like.